All about MCB82

Reunion of old boys originates from the concept of Bon Homie . Meeting college friends after long gaps in life certainly is the pleasure worth enjoying .This brings back old memories and lubricates the past in a very satisfying spirit. The bondage which was created many decades ago is wonderfully preserved and extremely beneficial for the health of our souls . It is a privilege to have a sense of belonging to such a club like the MCB 82.

We were 150 students when we were 80. We joined the Calcutta Medical College – the premiere institute of south east Asia which remains as a timeless heritage property in the medical history of our country. Fortune favoured us that we all passed out through the portals so dear at our alma mater . We not only passed out , we flourished and contributed to ourselves , our family, our fraternity and our society.

Having come to landmark part of the professional journey, we are enjoying the company of so many of us in so many places of this planet in so many diverse manners. But we eagerly look forward to be a part of this new baby called MCB 82. Just as we enjoy the camaraderie , we need not forget the various roles that MCB 82 can play. We can help ourselves , our family and our patients by the easily available networking. We can contribute to our by way of seminars, workshops and deliberations. We can help needy students to be supported and we can establish a pathway for charity to patients.

On the whole creation of MCB 82 is a boon in our life. We should admire our past and look forward to our useful future not forgetting the lame and the poor who needs our support. Long leave matiya.

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